West System Epoxy

WEST SYSTEM® epoxy is a versatile, 2-part, marine-grade epoxy that bonds and coats fiberglass, wood, metal, fabrics and other composite materials to provide superior strength and moisture resistance.
It is an excellent product to use for filling voids and defects in wood.

For more information on West System products follow this link: https://www.westsystem.com/products/


105A Epoxy Resin (946 mL)$60.99
205A Fast Hardener (207 mL)$36.99
206A Slow Hardener (207 mL)$36.99
207SA Clear Hardener (315mL)$64.99
105B Epoxy Resin (3.74L)$149.99
205B Fast Hardener (814mL)$84.99
206B Slow Hardener (814mL)$84.99
207SB Clear Hardener (1.25L)$139.99
300A Mini Pump Set (3 pumps)$25.99
G5 5-minute Epoxy (236mL)$35.99
G5 5-minute Epoxy (943mL)$95.99
404 High-Density, Adhesive Filler (430g)$28.99
405 Filleting Blend, Adhesive Filler (226 g)$25.99
406 Colloidal Silica, Adhesive Filler (155 g)$38.99
407 Low Density Filler (340g)$69.99
Roller Covers (2 pack)$11.99
3" Heavy Duty Roller Frame$11.99
Glue Brush$1.99
Reusable Mixing Stick$1.25
Plastic Spreader$3.99


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