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Cutek Exterior Wood Finish

Cutek Extreme is a unique wood protection oil which keeps wood and engineered timber looking great for many years. It comes as a clear oil, with a choice of 10 colourtones which can be added to enhance the natural look of your project. Cutek Extreme is formulated to minimize warping and cupping and splitting, which means your exterior project lasts years longer. Clear Extreme fades over time, but retains the natural wood colour months longer than clear Cutek CD50, minimizing maintenance requirements for timber. With a colourtone, the added UV protection keeps the natural colour for much longer.

ProClean is a professional wood cleaning and restoration agent which cleans, brightens and restores wood surfaces to the temperance of new wood. Use this when wood is significantly grey and weathered, or to remove stubborn stains, fungal & algae stains, oil and grease stains.

QuickClean is a powerful general cleaner removes grime before regular maintenance.

CD33 Naked is a biodegradable stripper removes old coatings from timber, metal, brick and masonry without methylene chloride or NMP.

Stock Colours: Ashwood, Autumntone, Black Ash, Blue Slate, Brick, Burnt Red, Cedartone, Chestnut, Espresso, Goldtone, Grey Mist, Rustic Gold, Smokey Grey, Terra Cotta, Walnut

Please follow this link to see what the Cutek Colourtones look like on different wood species:


Cutek Extreme Oil - 3.6 L (0.95 gal) $109.99
Cutek Colourtones - 118 mL (4 oz) $12.99
Cutek ProClean - 3.78 L (1 gal) $79.99
Cutek CD33 Naked - 4L $73.99
Cutek QuickClean - 1.89 L (64 oz) $41.99
Deck Boss Brush $49.99
Cutek Exterior Wood Finish